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About Me

Greg Lehman is a registered physiotherapist with more than 20 years experience in the rehabilitation field.  In addition to Greg’s training as a physiotherapist he has been trained as strength and conditioning specialist, chiropractor and a kinesiologist – obtaining a Master’s in Spine Biomechanics while publishing numerous peer-reviewed publications (CV here)

Greg is a globally recognized advocate for evidence based physiotherapy.  Teaching thousands of therapists in more than 25 different countries a science based approach to the best practice strategies of rehabilitation.  Greg is a sought after Keynote speaker on topics ranging from persistent pain, exercise prescription and sport related injuries at numerous world-wide conferences. His course for therapists “Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science” is a highly attended continuing education seminar given in more than 35 different countries to thousands of therapists to date.

Personally, Greg is a father of 3 girls, who drive him to be active in gymnastics, tumbling, rock climbing and running. Greg has personally dealt with persistent pain and while currently functioning well focuses on meaningful activities despite occasional flare-ups.


All you need to know about me :)

who do we help?

Heather, 27 year old, elite runner. Hoping to qualify for the Olympics in the marathon while managing an Achilles tendinopathy

Harold, 56, painter: 2 years of shoulder pain that has reduced his golfing from 20 times per year to zero

Kimmy, 11, gymnast: heel pain (Sever’s) for 3 months after tumbling and cross country running

Sarah, 36, nurse: 3 years of pelvic pain after her 2nd pregnancy. Her back keeps “going out” and she’s stopped doing everything she loves.

While my clinic may be small I provide comprehensive physiotherapy programs for all manner of pain and injury problems. From elite athletes to those with disabling arthritis similar principles apply