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physio services

assessment and treatment

.This is how we start our recovery strategies together. We have an initial assessment session of approximately 75-90 minutes to learn as much about you as we can and then we work together on coming up with a recovery plan, based on your goals, that works with you. Sometimes, a single session is sufficient and other times we need follow up sessions. Again, our goal is to minimize the number of sessions you need. We know you are busy and value your time

physio for runners

We have a number of specialized services for runners and endurance athletes. In addition to the best evidence care for running injuries we provide running analyses, running modification training, strength and conditioning programs for performance and running program assessment and design to keep you running when injured and on your way to recovery

standard follow up session

Our follow up sessions are typically 50 minutes in length. This is typically longer than most physiotherapy sessions as we are trying to minimize your in person time commitment

physio for athletes

I use the term athlete broadly. If you are active, in pain and just want to do more than you are an athlete to me. Whatever it is you are training for we can perform a needs analysis to help get you recovered to function at the highest level you are capable of. Whether its a youth athlete who has torn their ACL or a mature athlete wanting to thrive despite being told they need a knee replacement. We can work together to reach your activity goals

Skype follow up session

Sometimes, we don’t need to see you in person after we have done a thorough assessment and treatment session in person. Skype sessions are great for problem solving, changing your exercise routine, checking in on managing your contributors to pain and for answering any questions you have.

persistent pain physio

Persistent pain has an influence on almost everything in your life. Pain is confusing, challenging, frustrating and not often easily solved. We have worked with numerous individuals to help them get their life back after having disabling persistent pain.